I put out electronic music under the alias Brutalist.
None of this has been commercially released (so far).

You can find the most current material on SoundCloud.

Brutalism [EP]

Wave Collapse
Bocking St
Vapr xi (edit)

Cot Death [EP]

Semi [EP]

I've collected some eariler work (2004-2006) that I thought fit for release.

I gained a fair degree of notoriety in the Dubai music scene with my band, Indiephone. We played an intense, fun, and euroskeptic brand of prog-punk; I sang, played the bass + synthesizer, and produced most of our music. Our "best-of" is available for free download at, and all our interviews and videos are linked to from our MySpace.

Other Work
Over a few days in summer, I composed (through extended improvisation) a piano piece, my Nocturne. I also move in Uther Moads.

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